HMPA Church

            Welcome to HMPA Church. Bishop Kanagasabai Xavier is the founder of this wonderful organization. He was born in a hindu family and accepted the Christ as his personal saviour and now doing ministry for Jesus Christ. Our main vision is too plant 3000 churches all over the  world and to share the gospel to the people who dont know about Christ the saviour.

I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. — John 10:11.

            Jesus Christ loves us a lot. He is the good sheaperd and the only person who can guide us in a good way. Without the love of christ we cannot do anything. His love is Undefinable. His passion for us is Indescribable. We all know it, but we are not sharing it to the people who donnot know about the love of Christ. Thus the HMPA Mission is now on its way to plant a lots of churches and to preach the love of Christ.


HMPA Church

No.4, HMPA Church, Sholinganallur
chennai - 600119



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